DIY Homebrew Kegerator (Keezer) Build 

Please follow the link to my DIY kegerator/keezer build. It’s my second go around with own personal kegerator, having built other units for other brewing friends. I needed functionality and simplicity, no bells and whistles. I also have room to start lagering with the increased capacity. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reply in the comment section. 


Isn’t It Great To Brew?…

After a longer than expected hiatus from homebrewing, I finally dusted off the old brew kettle and got down to work brewing an extract pale ale kit. I was honestly worried I would forget a step or ingredient, but the close to ten years of brewing prior to my drought didn’t let me down. The brew went extremely well and the yeast is now bathing in its sugary oasis we brewers call wort. If only I could be a brewers yeast for a day…

I went with a simple Brewers Best kit and didn’t modify a thing. Followed the directions and pitched some of my favorite dry yeast Safeale-05. I didn’t hit my water calculations on the dot, so I ended up with only four and a half gallons. This in turn increased my OG to 1.060, but whose counting? The thing about this brew I am most excited for is the use of Citra hops at the end. I’ve consumed some Citra hopped beers before, but never brewed with them, so I’m anticipating good things from this hop addition. The basement floor is a cool 62° F right now so I think this brew will ferment out rather nicely in the next few days. I’ll check on it in a week or so, but in the meantime I need to think about replacing my draft lines in the kegerator.

Late addition Citra Hops

Small 3 gallon boil


Solera Brewing Update 2016

Oh where have the time and priorities gone?… February 13th marked my foray back into, something… anything related to homebrewing. I bottled my collaboration BRIS with FBBCo. and it was good to shake the rust off with these brewers. We ended up yielding four gallons of wonderful bourbon barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout from our ten gallon barrel. I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit busy and I was beginning to wonder if there might be some awkward barrel marriage “we need to see a counselor” talk. True to form FBBCo. busted my chops about everything from my dogs behavior to my behavior, but not once did they mention “needing to talk…” 

The beer was yeast dropped just like the previous batches with a dry lager yeast and will take some time to carbonate. Preliminary tastes were enjoyed and due to the extended time in the barrel, this batch has a bit more bourbon character. Still a solid stout, with chewy mouthfeel and stick to your ribs appeal, I’ll be interested to see how this batch tastes next to previous batches. 

My hope is to get back in the saddle very soon on the actual brewing side, to get my hobby back up and running again after almost a year hiatus. 


Cream Ale Bubbling

I brewed a cream ale extract kit earlier this week. Sometimes you just gotta brew to scratch an itch and this worked for me. No grains to steep, no mash-in, just hops and malt and for only 40 minutes. The shortened time was for two reasons, one I don’t have much time and two cream ales are lighter in color and the shorter boil means less Maillard reaction to darken the overall color. Williamette hops were used and safale-05 dry yeast was pitched at 72°. My basement is a bit warmer due to the summer temperatures and my dehumidifier running non-stop with our record June rainfall. High krausen has occurred about four days after pitching. I plan on bottling a small portion for handouts and kegging the rest. The itch has been scratched and maybe I’ll use my yeast cake for a bigger beer… 


Solera Brewing Project Update

I updated the official page, but forgot to let everyone know. Bottled another batch of the Solera Vpnrewing project BRIS with FBBCo two weeks ago. You can find out how we did following this link Solera Brewing Project

Raspberry Honey Ale 

I brewed a raspberry honey ale earlier this week. The beer was brewed to celebrate my daughters first birthday. When she was born I brewed a raspberry wheat, so in keeping with the raspberry theme I brewed a raspberry honey ale. I used Munton’s light extract as the base malt, Continue reading

Three Gallon IPA

I had a brewing itch that needed to be scratched, as well as some homegrown cascade hops, so my 3 gallon American IPA brew session scratched that itch. I speak in the past tense because it happened last weekend and has been bubbling away nicely ever since. The small batch was due to a couple of factors,  it’s easier, Continue reading